Intro To Cloth: Waves In Stock Now

This Introduction to Cloth nappies kit is designed as an easy to use kit which only includes one type of nappy, all fitting in similar ways to keep things simple. The advantage of pocket nappies is that they are easy to put on and quick to dry as the inserts are hung up separately to the wraps. They are also really flexible and can be stuffed with different types of inserts to meet your baby’s needs in terms of absorbency. The downsides of pocket nappies are that they do need stuffing once clean and dry and so this can create some extra work. They are also not generally suitable for overnight use as it is difficult to get sufficient absorbency without compromising the fit and so often results in leaks. 

We have included 15 nappies which is enough for close to full time use (excluding overnight) and certainly will help give an idea of what it is like using cloth nappies all the time.

Get in touch: If you have any questions, would like to make a donation to the library or are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, get in touch!