Newborn: Harbour In Stock Now

All you need to use cloth from birth. This kit contains a range of nappies with a focus on two parters as we find these offer the best containment for newborns. But there are also a selection of All-in-ones, pockets, and all in twos.


Suitable from 6lb-12lb. Some nappies will fit for longer than this. We recommend switching to a “birth to potty” kit at the point baby reaches 12lb.


The default loan period is 3 months. However, if baby outgrows the kit in this time you can either swap to a birth to potty kit for the remainder of the loan period or return early for a partial refund on the fees.


See kit guide attached for full details.

Get in touch: If you have any questions, would like to make a donation to the library or are interested in getting involved as a volunteer, get in touch!